Photo Pendants & Picture Pendants: Capture Your Memories

Photo pendants display those memories in a way that is personal and stylish. A best friend, a spouse, a member of the family – those that are closest to our heart portray a tale of the moments in our life that are most important and grace the pages of our photo albums and picture pendants help preserve the emotional value of those treasured pictures forever.

Picture Pendants: Engraved Moments of Love

Silver, gold, diamond shapes, hearts and many other options mean that you can choose the best way to display your pictures. Perfect for men and women alike, young adults and children, photo pendants make a favorite photo last forever without the worry of loss or damage to the printed picture. The smile, the laughter, the love that was felt is portrayed in a special way that is intimate and flexible to your lifestyle with photo engraved jewelry.

Hints for choosing an image for your photo engraved jewelry:

  • The higher the resolution, the better. A higher resolution results in more detail and a greater clarity of the resulting image on the pendant.
  • Color, black and white, sepia – the color of the original picture doesn’t matter. The image on the picture pendant will be black and white grayscale regardless of the initial image.
  • The emotion that the picture brings out is important. Find a photo that makes you smile, makes you remember the event, and brings to life how you feel about the person(s) in the photo.

Each day is filled with picture perfect moments and if we’re lucky, we manage to capture them with photos that we save, treasure and love. A portable photo album of those moments in time, keep the emotions of those moments close at hand and close to heart with photo pendants.

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